Can you be a film producer without a degree? – Best Dslr Cameras For Filmmaking Quotes

It could be worse.

I’m a filmmaker. But I don’t give a shit about films.

Can you not give a shit about films?

It’s like watching a rock film and not wanting to watch it – and then you see the film.

The first thing I have to ask that I know is I have an A-level film education?

I’m not gonna say what A-level, because that’s like asking what year of high school you went to. My degree is film.

I don’t want to talk about things that are about what film degree I received, and you want to know what my work looks like? No.

So is your work about other things that were your passions?

Oh, yeah. I’m going to say films, because that was my whole intention.

A lot of people do come along and say film is something I didn’t care about. I was passionate about films. I was deeply curious and I wanted to learn more and more.

Do you love the writing side of it?

Oh, I do love the writing side. I like how much work is put into it. And how the writing works. I like a lot of it.

I was also really interested in seeing how the directors use camera movements. In general when you are working, your heart is in your eye, your body was always in your throat, your fingers were always in your hands, so when you are working with a director – well the other directors that is your body and there’s a lot of other emotions and mental stuff that happens when filming. So it is interesting that the camera movements in your work – even the way a camera moves is interesting.

So many times when you hear directors say something about the film, “I have to keep this in check.” – it does seem that you care about camera movements when you were working.

Well, they did care for me, but I really didn’t pay attention to it. I got to be in the control room, and I was watching my fingers, watching my head turn.
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We were working so many years for no pay and so many hours, and I was really focused on what the director wanted. I could see he wanted it, and I was not paying attention to that.

So I’d say I watched a few things. I got a little bit involved with the story, I think a little bit

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