Can you work in film without a degree?

If you can’t, get a job, or find something on your own, you might have a career. The work you are doing might just be you. Maybe you might have a better chance with a college degree. What a relief, I’d say, to find out you are not the only college student doing amazing work out there.

If you are really interested in filmmaking:

If you are really seriously interested in the art of cinema and filmmaking, you could start by taking a class or two. For the best ones, you’ll need to get into the business side: You’ll need to develop an audience, be more professional than what you are used to, and take on more projects. That might take a long time. If you are a serious amateur, you might be better off working as a freelancer or doing a side gig. If you are a serious amateur, you might know enough to start taking classes. The best film school is still Film Studies at NYU because the students there have taken classes at Film Studies before. Many of them can also direct and produce films at a low budget or even make commercials with their knowledge of the business while still being serious filmmakers. Another great film school, UCLA, offers a film production program that is geared more to non-students than students. Many students can also do an apprenticeship under the supervision of an instructor. There is also the option of attending a film school. Students attending film school often take an elective class or one of the many pre-production classes at film schools (though you do need to take a class in the business before you take this route).

If you are passionate about filmmaking:

For those of us who are just beginning to explore the art of filmmaking, it’s important to get that passion from the start: Don’t just hang around a bunch of people, and you will never know if you have the passion for what you’re doing or if your classmates love it enough to help you. You can develop that passion by becoming more involved with a film making club, taking a course, or working more closely with someone doing a film festival. And I know of filmmakers on Kickstarter who are doing just that.

How can I help you?

Whether you’ve taken a class at Film Studies or you’ve attended classes at a film school, there are some things you can do to help out:

Start a Film Club with friends or people you trust.

Get into an apprenticeship or workshop, and learn a