Can you work in film without a degree?

If so, what’s your favorite subject?

It’s hard to say because I’m so new to the industry. As you can see in the movie I’ve got a lot of experience from making a lot of films; TV, books and short films. I have a lot of experience so I don’t think I could work entirely in the dark. I would like to be able to see more people and be able to interact with them. I would like to be able to learn more. I would like to learn more about photography and the science of colour. What kind of film do you like?

Do you see the business side of film as exciting?

I don’t see its very exciting. What’s exciting about film is that it’s a completely independent industry. You don’t have to buy a cinema and a big corporate house to make a film. Film is being made in such a small amount of time that a small amount of people can make a film. I can be part of that.

Have you ever had a film rejected? If so, what reasons were a factor?

Not very often! We tend to have a good rapport with the filmmakers, and when you know that they are genuinely passionate about creating something, sometimes that kind of thing becomes hard for everyone to come to an agreement. If we have made a mistake, for example, that’s not as easy to get over, because it’s a hard thing for anyone to look at, because you know what it is and you don’t want to lose the film. So it rarely happens. I just tend to let it go because I find it very nice. It’s almost like a great opportunity to travel around an area, see people in a new environment, and get to know them and be very much like them, so that it’s very very easy to work with them. It’s very different from doing your work in the studio. It’s a very interesting environment when you are trying to make something new and special.

Can you see the business of film changing any time soon?

I think it’s going to continue to change, I think it never will be what it is now. It will always be a medium that has to live on its own, and that just doesn’t work anymore. We’re all watching it and trying to make it work and I think a bigger story is being told about film-making. There will always be a place for film, but it’s going to become more and more important