Can you work in film without a degree?

Yes (and I do!). There’s an enormous number of things that I’m not good at, and it’s hard to find somebody who is really good by themselves who has a degree. I’m not even looking hard enough.

I can’t tell you my personal journey in working towards making it to make your degree a useful way for us. The way I see it, you guys are the “solutions” that I need to be better at things. You do a lot of stuff and I try to be as helpful as necessary. We’ve worked together on the show since I started working at HBO, working on the scripts at least four years now. They really like what we’re doing and it seems as though people really think we’re in this together. At some point, we might need to find other people who aren’t so dependent on us.

What do you think might make a good documentary about improv?

I think we have the perfect vehicle for it. You know, we’ve gotten very lucky to have some really talented people on our side. And with our talent and our connections, they kind of do the heavy lifting. That’s why it’s interesting, because I think it would be really interesting that there is something like a “What if” documentary about improv. Because so many things are changing in terms of the work that they do, and I think the most exciting thing that anyone in any field is going to see will be a different side of improvisation and that’s what we do on the show.

How do you feel about the work on Breaking Bad?

It’s an amazing experience, and a great experience for me personally as well. It was a great privilege to work with Bryan Cranston and his amazing team on Breaking Bad. I also feel great about the shows in general, so I’m really pleased when I think about the work that’s going on. I think, in the end, when they do a really great show, they do it because it’s really fun to watch and really exciting to see, so I’m really just happy for them.

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Are there anything on Breaking Bad that you are excited for?

I think that they did it great! I think they did a great job. I think it was a great season for them, and I’m glad they’re doing another one with Cranston. We did a really great job. He’s great on this show.

Do you have a favorite episode?

I watched