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Well, yes. This is your first year of getting a degree. But, don’t despair. Get a college degree and you’ll be able to pay for film school. So why do we even need a degree? As long as we work with the information and the resources available to us; if we follow our dreams, the world is really open to us. If we follow our dreams, we can accomplish anything.

“Just because you go to college doesn’t mean you should just do whatever you want. If you want to have the best job in the world, there will be people waiting for you to do your job right and you’ll get that job and be rewarded for it. There is a reason you go to college. Don’t let that discourage you from following your dreams.”

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The FBI’s counter-terrorism division has launched a new initiative aimed at increasing cooperation between American law enforcement agencies and the Chinese nation’s armed forces — and it’s already been so successful that the department announced Tuesday that it had received more than 1,000 requests since October to conduct background checks on officials with U.S. military personnel in China.

The U.S. Department of Defense already conducts background checks on all U.S. military personnel when their presence is required, including some of China’s “special operations forces.” But the FBI has been looking at the possibility of integrating their work with other types of background checks — particularly those related to Chinese military personnel.
DHI Skimming, A Proposed Seismic Interpretation Technique ...

“The FBI is very pleased to be a partner with the Chinese government in this pilot phase of the ‘National Background Investigation Collaboration Program,’ and will continue to work collaboratively with FBI counterterrorism and homeland security partners, U.S. companies, and civil society as well as international organizations to help keep the U.S. safe,” the bureau said in a statement Tuesday.

The program is being run by the bureau’s office of Cybersecurity, which also oversees criminal background checks for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The background investigations involve requests from U.S. law enforcement agencies or federal agencies tasked with national security, but will be available to the Chinese military. Those agencies are tasked with overseeing military equipment; the FBI has said the FBI will continue to support requests for background checks and intelligence operations while the program goes into full swing.

The FBI was already working with the military over background checks, as part of a joint program that began with the 2010 National Defense

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