Do producers make more than actors? – Filmmaking Career

If they do, it’s because they are more experienced than actors. No, this is the very first article you are going to read. We know this is happening. The truth is, not even the most experienced, hard working actors earn millions of dollars on TV shows.

In this article you will find out 5 reasons why producers earn their money.

Reason #1: There are plenty of actors that love movies and TV shows. Don’t just look at the top 10 most watched TV shows, even the 5 least viewed TV shows earn more than the highest paid.

Reason #2: Most actors are either in one or more of the following:
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1) Comedians. Comedians love TV shows, comedies, and movies because, “They’re not trying to talk down to you, they are trying to make you laugh. They make you feel a whole lot better. And then you know they don’t care what other people think, they’re not even trying to be nice to you. The thing that makes them so successful is that they know what your life is like. They are the same as you. A real life audience.” And guess what? A movie actress is not an actor just because she’s famous.

2) Producers. Producers love writing scripts. They love actors. They love directors. They love actors. They love directors in general. They love actors in general. And yes, they are not a bunch of guys sitting in cubicles at a desk. What they love is having an actual voice and a unique perspective that is different from anyone else.

3) Writers. When someone you love writes a script or book to you they give you something to think about with your life. They don’t like to be forced into writing. You can’t please all people. But when someone else gives you something you love, that makes you feel alive and unique. You never know what they will come up with next.

4) Agents. Agents love writing scripts. They give you the freedom to choose. This makes you want something from them that you wouldn’t have before. That makes you want to write them scripts. That makes them love you and give you new scripts from time to time.

5) Producers. Producers love writing scripts just as much as writers love getting paid to write. It’s called competition. If an actress is really talented and can make a great job for you, you’re going to want to use her again when you

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