Do video editors make good money? – Filmmaking For Beginners Pdf

Yes. In fact, they’re pretty big business.

A 2011 survey from the Institute of Directors estimated that 60% of video editors make $50,000/year plus a share of revenue from ad sales, and 30% make a more modest $30,000/year plus equity. Another survey from EY found that “video producers” earned $73,000/year, and $80,000/year plus royalty paid for video work.

There’s no data out there on what percentage of editors make $100,000; the number could be very high and very low. For example, at DigitalVision, a professional video editing studio in San Francisco, the median salary for video editors, as of 2013, was $80,000, with about half of the women making more than that.

If you go by that statistic, you’d expect video editors to earn close to 10 times the average video editor salary today.

Do video editors get bonuses?

Yes. Most studios award them, which means they get extra revenue and profit on their footage.

For example, in a recent video, New York’s Film District set a record of $100 million in revenue in one day. There was a $10 million bonus on top, and the studio has an annual revenue of $1.3 billion.

Is there a requirement that video editors have a degree?

Yes. That way, they don’t quit when they get a better offer.

Video editors who have received video industry degrees from USC are exempt from the “experience” requirement.

Have video editors ever sued?

Yes. There is a class-action lawsuit pending against video editing companies.

In the past, video editing has always been a young industry. But those days are gone. Today’s digital video editing is now mainstream and much more expensive than in the past.

Are there any downsides to video editing?

No. They may make a video editor less happy, but they’ll be paid more and earn more with higher salaries. A high budget is worth higher wages.

In fact, some employers prefer video editors because they have a stronger work ethic.

Why is there such a huge market?

Video editing, at its core, is a business. Video editors want to make high-quality videos with a big brand behind them. For example, you have to hire a video editor to make a film trailer for you.

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