Do you need a college degree to be a filmmaker? – Directing Uncsa

“Absolutely not.”

Are you an animal lover?

“I am. One of my favorite things is taking our four-legged friends for a walk. The weather is perfect. We’re lucky to have all of those wonderful friends.”

Have you been in any trouble in order to make a film?

“As a kid, my mother was a single mother. And I was her only child. So I was kind of raised by my mother, which was great on a lot of levels. I was never raised by a single parent, just by my mother and my siblings. But in the last year or so I’ve started to get that feeling of needing a lot of help and support. I really can’t go back.”

Who is your favorite artist?

“My favorite artist is Damien Hirst. He’s an artist whose work is always at a very high level. I really enjoy everything he has done.” And when you see his work, is it anything you would compare it to?

“We always say a film starts with a character. What is that character? Does that character come to life? Is there a dialogue, a character that moves? I don’t like to compare myself to Damien Hirst. I just feel so honored that this is the work of someone whose work is so incredible.

If there’s a moment in the book that moved you, what was it?

“Oh, my favorite moment was when our heroine (Darling) walks into her apartment in Chicago and sees her reflection standing opposite of her. And that’s one of the great moments of human interaction. My favorite moment was when the mother (Kathryn), the woman who took the camera and the camera operator and took the photograph for us, walks in. And she’s very nice, but she’s walking through the kitchen because she sees the photographs on the walls in the kitchen. I love that we saw the two women come into the kitchen and walk through the kitchen together, looking. It’s like, ‘Oh my God.’ I love that they’re in the same kitchen. I really do admire that.”
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Do you have any stories from your past?

“I did, actually, have a great story about doing a piece I called “I Will Play With Myself.” For that you know, we shot a scene in which I played myself, as John Lennon would have would have. You know, there was something about the way I did it

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