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I work with people who have gotten there before — filmmakers who are now their own masters. Those are the people who are going to be successful in this particular medium. And it’s not just that they are successful, but that they made the right choices about what to do and how to move forward in their careers.

What I see in an aspiring filmmaker is a person who wants to create what they are passionate about and make a film about that theme, whether its an inspirational drama or an epic adventure.

And they are also able to do it in a timely, intelligent way. I think it is important that they have a lot of drive for things they want to accomplish with their career. You can only really move forward when you actually have a mission. The kind of movies you choose to make and the decisions you make in your life reflect that mission.

I’m glad you mentioned the word passion. It seems like it’s a very important part of an aspiring filmmaker’s life.

I want to use that word again. Passion for what? I don’t believe there’s a place for passion in filmmaking.

When people talk about passion in filmmaking, what they often think of is the passion for filmmaking or the obsession with film. But the two are not synonymous. You need both.

A filmmaker is someone who works incredibly hard on a theme in order to give it life. And the job of a filmmaker is not to create a movie.

The job of a filmmaker is to make things and create movies, or to explore ideas and try new stories and have a good time out on the town. The best filmmakers, by far, are the ones who live in the moment. They will find themselves on the street or at a coffee shop and think about what they’re about to do.

And you can’t do that if you’re living inside your mind. No matter how much you like what you’re doing today, you better believe tomorrow is going to be worse and you better believe the day after tomorrow will be better.

They may have been working on certain projects the past couple of months but it’s not because they’re chasing their passions, because they don’t care anymore, they’re on break. They’re thinking about where they are going to take a vacation.

The only way to make good art is to live and breathe. And I think filmmakers, by far, love it.

But is that a good sign or an indication that those working on

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