Do you need a college degree to be a filmmaker?

Yes of course. Just make sure your school is doing something that has a solid track record of producing great filmmakers in their current position. The fact is that film school gives you the knowledge and skills and the ability to learn, but not experience. You can be a filmmaker, but it takes much more than learning the fundamentals.
How To Level Up Your Filmmaking (6 Tips) — Amy Clarke Films

If you don’t have a college degree and want to become a filmmaker, we have a list of places to watch or listen. We will send you a free eBook (we are just a few weeks away) to help you out.

What’s the most popular film ever made? What is the most popular album? What’s the most popular TV series? There are so many. But I think it has little to do with the content (as I will discuss shortly). This year’s list takes a different approach. Instead of putting what’s going on right now, I am going to look at a year that had an unusually high level of popularity for a number of reasons. Now, this is not necessarily a commentary on the actual popularity of an event. There are many movies that were a huge hit last year that aren’t popular this year. But I found it interesting that this also seems to align to the overall trend. This year, I looked towards a year that had an unusually high level of popularity for at some point in its history. Last year was 2011 when Marvel’s Iron Man 2 became Marvel’s highest grossing film and last year was 2012 when The Hobbit and the Harry Potter series were at their highest level of popularity. While I didn’t list those on this list (or a similar one for that matter) it remains possible that they are higher on this list than most people think.

Let’s examine two examples from that 2011 chart. This time we look at Marvel’s The Avengers. Since Iron Man 2 was released in July 2011, it has remained the highest grossing film of all time at the box office. In fact, it has easily outstripped the all-time high of James Bond with the first film, released in June 2006. The number-one spot is held by Iron Man 3 which has already surpassed the first movie’s $668 million and the highest grossing movie of all time by a small margin of $873 million. It is the second highest grossing movie to come out of the post-Avengers year, only behind Iron Man 2. In the other direction, the number three film I would place Thor and The Dark World is also Marvel