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That’s what the most successful films are about.

Did you know you can make this film for less than $2,000?
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A lot of these films are very small, and there’s a lot of time for them to be successful, and it’s very rare that someone will give this much to their camera. This movie, when we were making it, cost maybe only $2,000 for all the footage we did — there was a lot of time for us to figure out what the story should be, what it should convey, what it should look like. We worked very long and hard and made a very strong narrative, even though it was only around eight minutes long. When we were making a horror film, a very different approach to storytelling [would] be to be like, “Look, all this stuff I’ve seen on the Internet is a bunch of people making up their own stories and getting into trouble. We have to deal with that. I have to come up with a story.” It’s very hard to come up with the story for a movie where we only have eight minutes, or if you work in the documentary world, there’s an amazing story you can come up with in a matter of seconds. There’s really a lot you can do with just eight minutes of film and you’re not spending time trying to come up with something. It’s a lot easier to find a way to tell a cohesive story — as long as it’s consistent and it’s a story you can feel connected to — than it is to figure out how to make a cohesive story in a short amount of time.

“I don’t know how a filmmaker who hasn’t made a film yet, but I’ve made at least 20 films and I’ve always been on the edge of a lot of what I did and that’s why I’m really intrigued as I read about you.”

Can you tell me about the new movie you made with a friend?

It’s called The Witch. It takes place in a high school at Halloween. We’re going to have Halloween costumes and scary movies as the backdrop. It’s a really good time. There are things about this particular time as a time and a place that I’m really glad I haven’t seen. Maybe it’s because the kids are so different in a place I’ve lived and not in a place I’ve lived. A lot of the kids that you get to see in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, or those movies were never

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