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Can a film really make money? The answer remains unclear, but a $250,000 budget would be more realistic than the $1.7 million the last installment made at the box office. Still, with a $15 million budget, it may be time to revisit a more challenging project. “We would like to do something more serious with the idea that the film can make money because the film itself is a very serious thing,” said a person with knowledge of the project. “In order to make money you have to have a certain level of artistry or good filmmaking or really good cinematography. This feels like one of those movies.”

While there have been a lot of movies about the financial struggles of the entertainment industry over the years, the idea that you will have to make a movie to make money seems unlikely. At the end, the film will be up to the audience that is willing to pay for it to be there at the end. But if these people have made the mistake of thinking that these movies are only for rich, white, male fans…

…Well, I guess I would say it’s time to start worrying that someone might do something about that.

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A major leak of files from a German security company is threatening to turn the Internet into a black hole for online privacy. In addition to the NSA scandal, there are many other scandals involving private companies, their employees and their policies. So, we at the Electronic Frontier Foundation are particularly interested in the new leaks that have been released regarding the German intelligence agency, BND.

This latest revelations came from documents leaked by fugitive NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. Since then, the German government has made repeated demands for information about the activities of BND. The latest revelations confirm the worst suspicions that were put forth when the initial allegations came to light: that the agency is collecting vast amounts of personal data and communicating it with spy agencies across the globe.

As the Guardian first reported last month, BND is capable of hacking directly into computers. But that hack capability has gone beyond mere capability. According to a BND spokesperson’s official response to the latest revelations, BND is capable of spying on citizens as well as in-flight passengers. The “technical capability” to intercept data is only “limited in comparison to other intelligence services.”

However, these capabilities do not stop at purely technical limitations. Because as much as information is collected about the location of individuals,

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