Does filmmaking have money? – Hey Indie Filmmakers Podcast

The answer lies as much in the fact that it has money as in the amount it invests in a single film. Even the most expensive of films, such as “The Matrix,” was developed in a relatively small way, as shown by the fact that it began as an online game and has since morphed into a multi-million-dollar franchise. (The latest installment, “The Matrix Reloaded” in 2003, cost more than $200 million.) In a world where the entire movie industry is in turn financed and backed by investors—the studios, the TV networks, the banks, the ad agencies and so on—the amount of money that can be put toward any project is virtually limitless. This is partly what makes a film so difficult to make, making it almost a matter of “going for broke,” as the old adage goes. And it will always be difficult to make a film, because movies that don’t have a great story or a compelling subject matter aren’t being made with as much passion and commitment for the right reasons.

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The Blackout was invented in the year 2005 in an effort to create a weapon that could be worn with any other piece of clothing including a backpack or even underwear. We also decided to try and make a weapon that was able to be attached to a key chain or pendant without needing to take it off the belt to use. The idea that the weapon could also be worn as jewelry was the ultimate goal. A weapon like this, would be very versatile with the ability to be worn with almost anything. A small part of us, would love to be able to be able to use this weapon for other people because we would love it, but most of us are pretty lazy. But we know that others out there want it this way for their child, a friend, even a spouse. A weapon like this would help reduce the violence.

So that’s where we are in the project now… we need more funding for the tooling and making our first order. We have some great idea’s from other friends about making these weapons to sell… and we all realize that our first project will not be completed on time, and we really don’t have the funds to make such a good weapon.

We can do something about it though. We have some great ideas for our tooling, like making the Blackout into a more affordable item. We all want to make one, but can’t afford to work on

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