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We strongly believe that learning to produce and distribute a motion picture should be no more complicated or costly than learning any other skill. With that in mind we offer thousands of hours of training courses to help you to become a professional in all aspects of producing and distributing an award-winning feature film.

Our courses are highly recommended by film industry professionals, and are available to you for free.

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What about paying for training?

Our free courses are designed to provide value to you. We have a number of free training courses available on our site, with free access to video lectures and access to premium membership levels for some courses.

If you would like a limited number of courses to use and can’t afford to subscribe, please email us and we will happily set you up with a course.

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The first question for Donald Trump when he gets inside the White House is whether he’ll name as his chief strategist a person he previously called “a maniac” — and thus has the power to fire him — whose name also once evoked images of an orange-haired killer wearing a yellow top hat.

According to Politico, which broke the story, Paul Manafort, the former chairman of Trump’s Republican campaign, is in line for the post. The Associated Press also reported that Trump’s choice to hire Manafort has had to get approval of his mother, Maryanne Trump Barry, through a process called a waiver of the rules.

“Paul Manafort’s mother is required to give her waiver of approval to any Trump representative,” a source told POLITICO Thursday.

That’s an interesting distinction for the White House, since some experts suggested that Manafort may have been tapped as Trump’s “fixer” because of his experience managing the country’s former Soviet satellites. He also managed Ukraine after the country’s controversial 2010 parliamentary election and served as a senior political consultant to the Republican Party.

Trump named Manafort as his “point man” on the campaign last

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