How can I learn filmmaking? – Sva Digital Filmmaking Workshops Online

The best way to learn is to watch people teach, and watch your friends and family watch. Don’t do this while drunk!

Learn to be present at your own class, the one you will be attending on the day of the class. If you are attending for the first time, take a picture of your name on your own phone to get the name of each instructor during the class:

(Don’t ask what school they’re at, that’s just way too embarrassing for most people!)

Practice with other people as well as friends/family on your own to really see how your technique will help someone else. Have fun watching as well!

You always learn the most by talking!

What are the benefits of working directly with some of the best actors in the business to bring you this class?

Here’s a few:

You can be surrounded by the best actors in the industry

You can really see what they’re like behind closed doors

You get to see how their performance differs from other people who do it the same way

You get to work alongside the best directors, camera operators, and actors in the industry

You can talk with directors who aren’t your friends

You have great opportunities to get more experienced people to teach you things for free

It’s really hard to take these things for granted or get used to when you’re traveling.

How could I make this class better?

Make sure to make some changes at the end of the course for me to be able to go back and work with you again!

I recommend using a few different styles:

One where you sit at the desk and go at the set from the opposite side to tell what you’re doing for the camera

One where your character is on the other side of the room and talks to the assistant director/camera guy on the other side

You’ll also notice that I recommend learning the first two or three sections at home, so you have a few times to get comfortable with the whole course.

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