How do animators use math? – Filmmaking Techniques For Directors Ep 4

What does it mean? Does it mean that animators are doing math?

What is the reason animators use Math?

Why can’t you see your calculations?

Is it too complicated? How can you understand it?

What is this “metaphor”?

Will not I lose the animation?

Where can I find information on animation theory?

How can you apply math to other fields?

How can you get your hands on an animation textbook?

What do professional animators do?

What does an animation professor do?

What does an animation studio do?

RALEIGH, N.C. — Two North Carolina legislators are hoping to make it more difficult for transgender people to be able to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.

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Democratic state Reps. Dan Bishop and Robert Gannon told Raleigh’s WTVD that they plan to introduce legislation in the upcoming session to require businesses that serve public accommodation—including public school restrooms—to allow individuals to use the bathroom or shower corresponding to the gender listed on their birth certificates.

“I would say if you go to the bathroom of a public bathroom in any place—you can be in there with male or female—in the restroom, or to the shower, you would be recognized by an individual in the bathroom who identifies as the opposite sex,” Gannon said.

The legislators said they came up with the idea after visiting a transgender woman in Charlotte in October.

“She came to me and she said she was sitting inside the restroom, trying to use the restroom, and she was like, ‘Please I just get hit all the time, because I’m a woman,'” Gannon told WTVD.

WTVD reported that Bishop said the state’s legislature has been “stunned and shocked” by the state’s recent bathroom law.

The law—signed by Republican Gov. Pat McCrory last month—was met with backlash from the LGBT community, businesses and athletes representing several universities. The federal administration announced that state agencies would not be able to deny a federal transgender student’s bathroom access at a school if they wanted to comply with the new law.

The state legislature is slated to meet on April 15th and 16th to begin considering the proposed language.

The former owner of a small, low-income city apartment complex in Seattle is suing a developer, which has had problems with illegal construction in the complex,

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