How do I become an indie filmmaker? – 12 Stages Of Filmmaking

While making films is still very expensive, the process is easier than you might think. For film production, a lot of people will work out of their homes, but you can also get them to film their project for you. There are websites like FilmmakerUp, which allows you to connect with people you’d normally be able to pitch a project to, like the producer of a feature release.

The website isn’t a permanent solution to funding your film, but it’s a good alternative and it works well if you get a lot of good people on board. To get a film produced on such a small budget, it takes hard work – and you’ve got to be willing. That said, there are websites you can contact to find out how to find the right people for your film. These include IndieFunding, Indiemakefilmmaker and – or use the forums on either one.

I’m not a businessperson; can other people work on my film for me?

The biggest problem facing independent filmmakers is finding the right people to work on their projects. There are many websites that focus on finding this help, but the two most important ones for indie filmmakers are FilmmakerUp and IndieFilmmaker. These sites are basically forums for filmmakers, where they’ll help you fill out a simple form, as well as provide some guidance on who to contact – and where to start.

Both these websites are fairly flexible once the film is being funded – so it’s up to you how you use them to make your film. If you’re going to be pitching your film over a social network, you could consider creating your own website, but in the end, they’re there to help you find the right person to work on your film.

It’s also a good idea to get the help of somebody else before funding your film – even if you have a full time partner – because a huge portion of your funding will be dependent on the quality of your work.
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So what’s the difference between indie and mainstream?

Indie films tend to be smaller in scope and are better suited to the amateur (or amateur for you) filmmaker audience. If you want to make indie films, you’ll need to be a very good filmmaker and a keen cameraman who’s not afraid of taking risks to get your footage, and is able to deal with the long days of postproduction.

However, don’t take me wrong, mainstream films

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