How do I get film clients? – Digital Techniques Textbook Download

You can find many film clients on LinkedIn and in the online communities of film agencies. Be sure to check out the companies and jobs pages of these sites, to see if there is a specific person you can reach out to. You can also get help from people on Twitter.

Is it possible to make a living doing this?

Yes. The first film agency that I worked for made a profit on two films. They did very well because I started working for them as a consultant. Some film clients take advantage of this, and don’t pay you a retainer until you are finished the final product. However, because the cost of your equipment is so low, this isn’t viable, and you’ll likely only earn about half of what you did with the agency.

How much does a 30-minute film cost?

This varies based on quality and your budget. I would recommend starting with a smaller film, like a 12-minute film or a 45-minute documentary. If you are just starting out, I’d advise starting with $600, or $500 if you want this type of film for a long time. Don’t worry about making a lot of money yet, you can still do a good job at this.

How do I start a film business?

You don’t need any expertise whatsoever besides your own desire to make money. In fact, I believe film is one of the things that can make you a better artist. Just like any other skill, just practice and get better at it. For a short film, start with a 1-2 minute film. Once you learn how to make a good enough film, it opens a lot of doors for many potential clients. If you are into documentaries, get an original to make. You can also start a blog or other website to promote your project, which will help you build client lists.

Why would I use this service?

I would recommend that you start this business before you start shooting your next film. After completing the first project, you will be ready for another. You won’t be able to make very much on it, but you can take advantage of this service to learn an important new skill that will open up so many opportunities. You will also earn about $15/hour, which is enough to live off of for some people.

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