How do I get film clients?

I’m also always happy to provide film services if you don’t fit my niche or if you know someone who can help you. Email me to find out how you can get in touch with me.

How do I contact the press?

Send me a private message via the Contact Page . I will give you the contact information.

How much should I set my budget?

I have found the goal for my work is to generate a profit, but don’t be afraid to overshoot or under shoot your goals.

I like to stick to my budget but you can always experiment.

I have a very long film project ahead of me and the best way to get involved is to share ideas and feedback on your favourite blogs, Youtube or social media channels, so that you don’t get left behind in the crowd. This will make you much more likely to get a project on your radar and help you get your foot in the door.

I also take some personal risks so that I do the most with my camera and my creativity.
TV Directing, Producing, Post-Production, Writing, and Editing ...

My goal, to see if I really CAN do this film and if it is something I can do right, so that I can be able to share these projects with you all.

You’ll be very proud of every last thing we come across. As always, I will keep an eye out for new and exciting ways to be creative on my favourite websites.

A British woman has won the right to wear a beard at least part of her life, thanks to a ruling by an Islamic court that allowed her to grow his distinctive beard.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British national, told The Guardian that she was given her beard in February 2012, when she left Syria for Lebanon.

“My brother offered to give me a beard, I took one he gave me,” Zaghari-Ratcliffe said. “I have had it since.”

Zaghari-Ratcliffe said her family was “completely destroyed,” after being deported to Egypt, and she wanted to start a new life. She said she wanted to show solidarity with women around the world, “who have been persecuted for the first time in their lives,” especially in Muslim-majority countries.

“I want to see a beard on my face. I’d like a beard that makes me feel more manly,” she told the newspaper. “All the boys in my class and even my male friends have one. If I