How do I start a filmmaking career?

The first step is obviously to get your film finished. The next step is to start submitting to festivals and producing on your own. Don’t worry about getting noticed but you should definitely consider getting a small budget. There is lots of material that will help you out so it’s always good to take risks and get your foot in the door. Make sure you work with an editor who is not so used to the style of film editing so you can adapt your style.

Are there any film styles you prefer?

I like to shoot on a small budget so I shoot on both VHS and 35mm. I find my style in either of these formats. It does give more flexibility and control in editing. I also like the fact that, unlike many independent filmmakers, I’m not going to be pigeonholed. That means that I can be very different in my acting style and aesthetic than my friends!

My favorite cinematographers are Alfred Hitchcock and Roger Deakins. They seem to have a similar style to what I’m doing. My other favorite cinematographers are Terry Gilliam (Brazil) and Steven Spielberg (Greece).

Do you ever have trouble staying inspired?

I have a very busy schedule so sometimes it takes me a bit too long to get up in the morning and start shooting a second film. However, I am always learning new things, taking pictures and working on techniques that I’ve never used before. I still enjoy getting that work that keeps me getting ready for the next shot!

A senior member of a small anti-racism group in New York City has spoken out against a speech given at a prominent Jewish institution which featured two black speakers.

The New York Post and Daily News reported in December that the Forward, a leading Jewish newspaper, has hired two black journalists to join its editorial board, one of whom the Forward has chosen as its new editorial page editor.

One of them is Yaron Brook, a co-founder of the New York chapter of Black Lives Matter. According to BuzzFeed, Brook has been quoted and retweeted by both members of the Forward editorial board and other prominent figures from Black Lives Matter.

Mr. Brook was also quoted and retweeted by Black Lives Matter.

When asked about the hiring of the two black journalists, Black Lives Matter spokesperson Deray Mckesson said in a statement, “It’s clear that the Forward is using some Jewish voices in their platform and in the media to promote their agenda