How do I start a filmmaking career?

Here are 5 steps to getting started shooting video on the cheap:

1. Don’t worry about being an old pro.

If you’re one of those people making money off YouTube, the money you make off making your own videos won’t help you reach millions of people. You need to become your audience.

2. Know your audience!

Make a list of people who’ve watched your YouTube, who might want to purchase your film on DVD, or who you want to feature in your videos!

3. Pay attention to what people ask you for.

Watch the comments in your videos. What are the people talking about? And what are they asking you to do? You want to be honest and open to these kinds of things. You will get much better by listening to your audience and taking action.

4. Be on the lookout for opportunities.

If you find someone who has a niche interest, tell them. It’s easier to sell films to your own audience, even if it’s just in the comments – we do things other people won’t do!

5. Remember – “A film is only as good as its director.”

If you create films on the cheap and know your audience, you will be well equipped to get the best out of your film and achieve commercial success!


Article by Matt Johnson

(Reuters) – Two teenagers were shot dead by an Al Jazeera English news crew and a man walking a dog in northern China on Sunday, authorities and witnesses said.

The shooting took place on a highway where two of the three people travelling in a car were killed when attackers opened fire on one of them during the rampage with Kalashnikov rifles, local media and eyewitnesses said.

Two other people also suffered bullet wounds, two of them seriously, according to a local official in the city of Anqing in the northern province of Hebei, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The men were identified by local media as Liu and Yang, Xinhua reported.

It added that Yang, a 14-year-old student from Yunnan province, was visiting the border town of Jinyang to look at construction sites on Thursday when gunmen opened fire on him and his friend.
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Liu suffered a broken leg and ribs but survived, Xinhua said.

“The students on the same trip received minor injuries but managed to flee the scene,” it added.