How do I start a filmmaking career?

There’s nothing like making films to learn how to navigate the world of film distribution. It’s no wonder that over 20,000 people have reached out to me to become filmmaker. If you want to be successful, there are a few strategies that will help you succeed on your first try.

Find the right role
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It took a while for me to find the position I was most suited for. After my first year, I decided that I was going to start on the side working with young actors and filmmakers.

What role will you be playing on the film? The role can be as small as producing a scene, or as big as making an emotional or philosophical scene. For an aspiring filmmaker, find out what your skills are with specific characters or story lines. If your work is not suited for that role, then you won’t make it in the industry.

Finding the right editor

First-timers need to be taught the craft of filmmaking and how to edit and score a film. A major difference between a small indie film and feature film is that a feature film needs editors. When it comes to an indie, it’s just all about finding the perfect editor that will push you to become the best director you can be. This is really a two-way street and you owe it to yourself to find out what he/she can offer you as a filmmaker if you decide to invest in their services.

Finding the right production company

There are a plethora of different production companies out there and many times they don’t offer the same service that a successful production company can. There is no such thing as a perfect production company; each is not created equal. Your goal is to find a production company that will deliver your vision of making a film to the final audience.

What’s the right balance of cost and difficulty?

Your first task is to figure out the balance between cost and difficulty. Many times if you choose a small indie budget, you end up working for lower-tier companies in the industry. There is a reason for that; you want to be able to see the big companies make their money back from you. However, you will face higher cost of living expenses as you will need to work with lower-tier producers, directors and actors.

How will you determine your cost of living to the maximum?

You want to be able to pay all of your living expenses in order to make it to the end of your film. Here are a few