How do you become a filmmaker? – Filmmaking Salary

I think I was in a weird position where I had never directed, nor I wanted to. When I was really young, when I was about six, I wanted to do my very first feature, which I called a “jigsaw puzzle film.” It was my idea to make three films based on this puzzle I had made up, starting with “The Secret of the Lost Scroll,” and the second one was “Folklore,” and the third was “The Secret of the White Buffalo,” which I never got to make at all, because I was out of shape from all the climbing. So when I was about eight years old, I had these three films made, and it was a real inspiration to me, not only to do them, but also to see how I’d do them, because as a six-year-old, I didn’t know how to do anything, so when I made this picture, I thought I ought to do it just so I’d do it well.

The third film was about my mother and me in a small town, and the fourth one was about the life of her aunt, who was murdered for witchcraft. And then, when I was about eight years old, my brother was born… I was just, I wanted to start making movies when I was a kid. The way I did it was to go to a movie theater and, well, I was in the ninth row when my brother was born and we didn’t go see the movie. We just sat there and watched it for like ten minutes.

Then I discovered I couldn’t film and I felt bad about it. I was like “oh, this is the place that my life would end,” and I went and got an editor and then I got a director and I wrote, wrote, wrote. You know, I wrote a screenplay, I read it, I didn’t know anything about movies at all. I didn’t even know that anybody else had written a screenplay before until I read it. And then you can start making your own movies. This picture made me feel like, “you know I can do this. I can do this well.” And it also gave me a tremendous confidence when I saw it, and it was the first time I had ever seen myself doing something that I thought, “it’s good.” And it was also the first movie ever I had ever made to be done in one day and not have the whole crew do it for me. I was like “ah ha ha ha

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