How do you become a filmmaker? – How To Make A Short Film In One Day

When my brother, Ben, was in the Marines he started to make short films. At that time you could make more than $1,000 just from doing commercials and doing music videos. That was all he did, not being a pro.

At the time I wanted to make music videos because I was a singer and I had just finished high school. Before music videos I was also taking photos for money.

One day I got the offer of $300 for working on a commercial. So I just told him that if it could be done, I’d make it. It took about 4 months and we did two commercials with the video above.

What do you do to break into it?

I used to walk around my block singing “Dollar Signs” with a little white girl at street corners. It just got so bad at her school that they wanted her out of school and they kicked her out of town. We took it one step further and did the “Mama, Dada” video which went viral on YouTube.

For me, there were two years of college, I had to sit through college for two hours every week or so. I had two jobs I did. During this time I was really struggling to find a way to make a living. But when the money came in I got to live the dream.

What are you making now?

We did a short film about a guy who works in the video industry. He said he lost his girlfriend to cancer and he’s on his way out.

We met and he gave us the script and said if he would write it for us that he would be our first writer on the film. We met a guy who knew a lot about the industry and was helping us out in one way or another.

We had that screenplay written and we knew if we paid him we’d make it. We went to Warner Brothers and they hired him.

We were working with him for about two months. He got a job filming a commercial for us and he was so talented. But the movie was made and I just wanted to be the first film we did because we were so excited to make something together and I didn’t think we could afford the work.

I asked him if I could come work with him but he said no and the movie was too expensive to make. So we just worked on making another commercial when we had the money.

What does money do to you mentally?

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