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It’s as simple as this: “Set myScript to the contents of some.lua If your script contains any references to strings you must ensure that your function is only executed once (i.e. a return statement is only executed once) and that the variable you want to return the result to is not declared outside the script. This can be achieved using the FunctionName class for Lua.

Note: function declarations are NOT necessary when using Lua’s built-in functions.

In your script:

if(myFunction == “test”) MyScript().print(“Foo, bar: test”) # Prints “Foo, bar: test”

What if you want to create a function which takes a string and returns a specific variable? You can do that simply:

if (myFunction == “test”) MyScript().print(“Foo, bar: test”) # Prints “Foo, bar: test”

The same type of statement can also be used to create a function which takes a list of parameters, and returns a function that will do some calculation or operation with each element of the list:

if (myFunction == “test”, 3, 4, “bar”) MyScript().print(3, 4, “bar”) # Prints “3”, “4”, “bar”

What if you need to create a function that is an anonymous function (no argument, no return statement, and no named variable)? Here is an example:

myFunction = lambda a: “some integer”

The following two statements can be used to create such a function, using the FunctionName class:

function foo(x) return x + ” is not a member of the int range”

function bar(x) return 42

Here is an example of how to use a FunctionName to create a method:

class Foo: def __init__(self): self.x = 0 self.y = 0 def x_add: self.x += 1 self.y += 1 return self def y_add: self.x += 42 def method_test(): print self.x * self.y # Prints 44

What if you want to remove variables from a string? This is a relatively easy task:

myString = “Bar, bar is not a member of the int range”

If you just want to remove the character at the beginning of a string, you need

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