How much do indie filmmakers make?

The above infographic shows how much people make in different areas of the music production industry. It shows how much money people on average make yearly as well as how much each region makes. What this chart shows is that in general, people on the low end of the scale made less than $250 per week; the higher ends of the scale made between $500 and $2,000 per week; and the most people made over $5,000 per week.

What do indie filmmakers make?

These data, however, don’t actually compare indie filmmakers directly to other artists on the average budget: instead, the chart compares indie filmmakers to professional musicians. The above infographic only compares the average indie filmmaker to independent musicians (i.e. the musicians who make an average of $250 per week) to demonstrate how much they make. It does not, however, reflect the financials of musicians who are actually making $150,000 or more per year. So far, this section has focused on indie filmmakers but there are other genres of music too that have produced large numbers of indie filmmakers.

Here is a short list of artists working as Indie filmmakers; note whether any of these are musicians or independent filmmaker.

I would love to know which genre of music is the closest to your own: what do you make?

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. – An Orange County teenager has been sentenced to jail after he took a picture of himself shooting his semi-automatic handgun in a park on South Water Avenue for $20.

The boy, who will turn 18 in March, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor possession of a weapon by a minor. He will spend 10 days in the Orange County Jail, followed by 10 days of probation for each count.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the teens’ father, who is not named in the charges, found the 14-year-old holding a small handgun in a front pocket of his pants in the park on October 13, 2015. The dad called police and reported the violation of Florida’s gun laws.

Police obtained a search warrant and found a pellet pistol at the boy’s home where he was staying with a friend. The gun was removed from the home, removed from the 15-year-old and then sold to the 15-year-old’s parent, according to the charges.

When deputies searched the home, they found a .38 caliber revolver, an airsoft gun capable of firing BB pellets, a pel