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For an interview with the Coen brothers in 2002, they spoke about indie filmmaking as “a place where you get your movies made, make your characters funny, make your songs compelling, and make a living. We got all of these things for free, and sometimes we’re happy about that in an almost perverse way… We were like, ‘This is our life and it’s fun, we can afford to screw up now and then as long as everything’s pretty good.’ It’s so easy to fuck up. And if you do something right, you can’t imagine how hard it would be to make another movie and do it again.”

In that same 2003 interview, they compared indie film to a “doughnut hole” and said that, “for all intents and purposes, our films are independent… And we make them with a lot of freedom.”

So, the problem with this story line is that these filmmakers aren’t just paying their way through film school. They make a decent living doing it too. In fact, The Brothers Blume has an official website and mailing address that is paid for by one of the major studios.

As for the fact that indie actors have long been known for the amount of work they put in – a good chunk of a filmmaker’s success comes down to the artistry of their work. And, given that these folks have made millions from their work, the fact that they’re willing to cut corners to work a more reasonable paycheck, it seems they’ve made a decision that they’re going to be successful for a while.

Let’s break it down.

The Brothers Blume is an Indie Film that was co-written and directed by Jason Blume. The story centers on three brothers who live in a farm and make all of their money from farming. They’re all pretty successful guys, you guys (I’m assuming).

When they take a job at a local film studio, they’re offered a position as an actor. But instead of doing the movie job that their agent told them to do, they want to stay at home and work on their own film. Which, in the film industry, is technically not illegal. What’s illegal is if you’re offered one thing and they’re trying to convince you that, no, you’re not going to do that. They’re trying to make sure that they get a good pay and that they’re making a living.

In this part, Jason Blume and director Ethan Hawke have

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