How much do indie filmmakers make? – Filmmaking Camera Angles

“Making the movie is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the process because of the many layers, effects, effects, effects that the crew have to do at a particular moment and at a particular location. We also have to make sure that the scene has enough depth, enough atmosphere, lighting, and sound effects so that people can make a lot of decisions based on emotion and immersion.”

What kind of challenges does it present?

“I am a very, very competitive person. I see my work as being about the film, not about how I can get more people to like the film. That is my bottom line, and that is what I’ll strive for. I love making films. My first two films were shot in the city and the people were very friendly. I knew I wanted to be with an audience and a different type of audience, which a lot of people don’t have. I did not want to make a film where the camera was the character. I wanted to make the film the audience was the character.”

What type of roles does being an indie filmmaker present?

“My dream would be to be on television. If there is someone around me who would not want that [role], then so be it. I had a great agent when I was starting out and I still have that agent now. I would love to work in television.

I also want to have my work be more accessible. I want to be able to make a movie for a theater group, a theatre group that is not affiliated with the indie scene. So when I started making films, I was trying to get into a theater because that was a thing I was really interested in. I wanted it to be an experience that the audience would not only see but then want to see more. I am interested in making films for theaters if I can.

“In a theater, I would make the movie for a specific audience. I would not want to do a movie that is more mainstream. I would not want to make a movie for a movie star like Matt Damon or Angelina Jolie. If I was making a movie for the audience, then I would do a movie in a low-budget, low-production value kind of movie that would not have high-production value. I understand the desire of indie filmmakers who are trying to make their movies for the audience, if not the big-screen audience, then certainly the theaters.”

What do you think of directors who make

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