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Director: Tom Hooper

Producers: Stephen Hopkins, David Wilson and Daniela Rus

Cast: Tom Hooper, James McAvoy, Sophie Dix, Rupert Friend, Toby Jones, Ian Dennison, Paul Freeman, Sarah Gadon, Colin Morgan, James Frain, Stephen Treloar, Peter Mullan, Tom Tucker

Studio: The Orchard

Year: 2013

A documentary that examines the art of living and working in the film industry, with a focus on the men and women who make it happen.

The director of this documentary was asked to tell us about the process of filming the film and how he managed to do it.

The film starts with Tom Hooper’s life as a filmmaker. Hooper’s journey to success started when he was hired as the film editor for an ITV series called The Three Musketeers, a series which took place in 1799.

When you were working on The Three Musketeers, you did some independent features. What prompted you to concentrate on documentaries and how hard was it for you to find work?

Tom: The truth is I had done a few commercials and one of those things was being asked to edit a film which went in for an independent distribution deal. It was a feature film I had been working on for five months, but after four months I didn’t have any work lined up. So I went away, got a job as a producer on A Life Less Ordinary and after two months I’d been off my feet. And then one day I got the opportunity to make my very first film, and it was so much fun.

You were one of few independents who could afford to be a documentary filmmaker. How was it to become one of the few? Did they see the value in it?

Tom: Yes I think that most people in other independent films made do with what they had in their pockets. I think it was quite a tough year because in the late sixties and the early seventies all production was geared towards big production studios, but people had become very self aware and it wasn’t working for people anymore.

But it was an opportunity to see how independent film works, and it was also a way for people to see if you were willing to get involved for a week or two or three days and to try a film that didn’t necessarily have a big budget and it had a kind of small, intimate feeling to it. And it

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