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If you are looking for a career in the entertainment industry, then in 2017 I would recommend a degree in Film Production from an accredited Film Engineering / Video Production program.

Film engineering / video production programs typically offer a bachelor’s and an associate’s degree, which, in many cases, includes a major in Media Studies for students interested in furthering their studies in this area. I would strongly advise taking a film engineering degree as part of our degree program. You will earn a significant amount of real-world experience and knowledge that will serve you in the entertainment industry and beyond.

My biggest issue with the undergraduate film degree programs, however, are the extremely low admission standards. If your goal is to study filmmaking, then you have probably already figured that out. My advice is to attend a college with an undergraduate film diploma program. You will likely receive a high admission percentage during orientation and you will be able to make friends, earn college credit, and gain experience working in the industry.

The other major that you will need to obtain an education in before attending school is some sort of production assistance. If you haven’t already, start studying for one or more course(s) at your college. It is crucial to master the basic skills used in the production of feature length narrative films, otherwise you will be unprepared for working in the industry.

The production of feature film has gotten progressively more complex each year. The tools that we use to film and edit films are getting more advanced. What used to be a simple editing job, now requires much more advanced tools and equipment. You would want to have this advanced knowledge from a production assistance program before you enter the workforce.

You’ll want to complete a basic course in the production of video on a set. This will prepare you to understand the process and give you the necessary tools to master the craft.

What are the costs associated with a Film Engineering Degree?

The cost of a Film Engineering degree is variable—both in tuition and books. Some colleges will have varying rates of tuition and, thus, depending on your circumstances. Additionally, your expenses may increase a great deal if you take out loans (which is common).

How do I find the best Film Engineering program for me?

If you are looking for an education in film engineering, then you need to research other programs because each school has its own unique strengths and benefits.

If you are seeking a degree that prepares you for the film industry, then I would recommend a

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