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In the last ten years there has been a marked increase in production value in documentaries, and in the number of films that do not require a degree. In order to prove this point, we will look at the top twenty documentaries, to find out the average degree in each of these disciplines.

The film industry is increasingly being directed by specialists in these fields, and these graduates have risen very highly up the ladder in Hollywood.

A master’s or PhD in film production is an extraordinary achievement. Most of these films were made outside of the US; if you have ever watched a documentary with English subtitles, then the majority are in foreign languages.

It is a different story when it comes to documentaries filmed in the USA, and we will present some of the best documentaries that did manage to make it to US screens.
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In order to be eligible to view the documentaries presented below, they must be certified by the US film certification authority as being true to the truth.

Most of these documentaries are documentaries based in the US, but a few of them have appeared in countries such as the Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain.

Some of them involve issues that are not usually relevant to the US – there is, for example, discussion of the relationship between the media and politics, but these are not in the documentary.

We will do our best to make this information relevant to the American viewer, so that they can take out their cell phones and check out the documentaries in full.

We hope you enjoy these 25 fascinating documentaries!

25. The Hidden Crisis in Sudan and the Middle East – A Global Perspective

The documentary tells the story of refugees arriving in the world’s poorest and most unstable countries, many of which have also suffered major natural disasters – one of them was the 2012 earthquake in Haiti.

The filmmakers, Nils Henrik and Lars Knudstorp, travelled up from Denmark to Africa to meet the individuals. Over the course of their journey from January 2013 to late 2013 they documented the lives of many thousands of refugees as they set off on a perilous trek across the Sahara in a desperate attempt to reach safety.

This documentary follows the film crew from the air as they try and follow the group of people as one by one they are separated from the group.

They make a very clear point in the closing shots of the documentary, that this was a personal journey for these refugees by themselves to make themselves safe from violence and persecution.

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