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The filmmakers of these films have never had a moment in the spotlight. Not a single director that has been in the limelight has made film before. Every director has been making their own movies. The filmmakers are the ones that were there first, and they really made it.”

Dramatic. The only thing you need for drama in a film is for a hero that has to show up and take care of a problem from across the world. But how do you create a strong hero in such a difficult time? What are the secrets to creating a compelling character?

Roz Ziegler: A hero is like your life, your soul. It’s that person who you love. He or she is the one person who you can always depend on. It’s hard to create drama or drama in this world because it’s more than just the story that you want to tell. It’s an entire world you’re living in. A person has to be a good person every single day. Even if it is to go out and find a piece of land, they can’t just be there. They have to create something, and their whole soul, every single day, is to go out and make this film happen for the world.

And you can’t do that by just relying on the story alone. It has to be all around, because the audience is watching this because of a story.

A filmmaker that is trying to make a documentary might tell you it has to be just like the best of film noir films from the ’60s and ’70s.

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Roz Ziegler: Yes, exactly. Look at all the greats. When these documentary feature films come out in terms of a story behind each of them, they are fantastic. For me, the real challenge is the story itself. And you have to make those great features with your passion. I mean, the truth is, it takes passion to make feature films. You have to be willing to do what it takes. That’s how those documentaries are made—because they’re really done for your passion and your love for that story. That story has to be part of your story that makes it all possible—because that’s always the dream of the filmmaker. It’s always the dream of the film maker. That’s what is so exciting about it.

Can filmmakers create the greatest works of art on any level?

Roz Ziegler: I think so. What’s great is when the greats

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