Is a producer a filmmaker?

How do filmmakers get their stories to make it to the screen?

As it turns out, the answer can be found by turning to the history of the film industry. Filmmakers need to be creative thinkers in order to make cinema work; otherwise the process simply becomes a chore, and filmmaking becomes just another job.

It shouldn’t be this way though. In order to survive as a filmmaker, filmmakers are given many tools and resources that allow them to craft great stories, and to bring drama to audiences. So while it might seem simple for someone to find a way to make a good film, this should not be the case.

In order to truly find your unique voice in the film industry, you need to work in tandem with fellow filmmakers who have developed a style that you are comfortable with and that you are proud of (or have a vision for). Working with other filmmakers who are in your niche allows you to be in competition with each other and to evolve the same way as their films evolve, allowing you to make the best film possible.

So before you commit to becoming a film producer and hoping to succeed, take a close look at the people behind the scenes of the film industry to take a look at your own creative style to figure out who might be the best possible match for you. It is important to be in that conversation, because ultimately, the film industry will be your life, whether you will be happy or not.

The first person to be sentenced for illegally buying and distributing $40,000 worth of marijuana to a San Francisco police informant testified Wednesday that he thought he was doing the right thing.

“I was just a kid selling pot to people so I thought I was doing the right thing,” said 23-year-old Daniel Martinez.

But when the drug dealer’s friend came to jail with a baggie containing a big ol’ roll of cash, Martinez panicked.

“Who’s gonna get it?” Martinez asked his friend.

“Mari’s daughter,” the friend said with a raised eyebrows. “And we’re going to throw it out.”

Martinez and the informant, who prosecutors will say is a repeat illegal grower, were arrested July 24. Martinez spent a month behind bars before being sentenced Aug. 17 — and was released Thursday after posting $400 bail.

At the same time, prosecutors have filed charges against 22 other men for using the same drug, THC, to illegally buy and distribute pot.