Is executive producer higher than producer?

Nope. I think that’s the big question, as it is for a number of other people.

Did you find you couldn’t get your own show on if you needed money, or were you able to get it from a network?

The networks were more willing to pick up a show. I had a number of shows I did that weren’t even being considered by networks. I’ve said this before and I have no evidence to back it up, but with the exception of Parks and Recreation — and it was great — it really wasn’t that great, compared to some other networks.

Did you get along better working with people who’d gone to NBC and worked together?

People who worked for NBC are all funny and good-looking, so everyone wants to work there. It’s just a lot harder to find great friends. But with people who didn’t work there, if you just went and talked to them, it’s more like a conversation. I liked that. I was always more comfortable than maybe I should be.

I know you’re not the easiest person to work with. What’s the deal there?

I’m very stubborn. The other thing I have is my need to push myself, with that sense of not being satisfied. I have other goals that I want to do — which is the thing.
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You haven’t had much success doing standup. Are you trying to get some more material now?

No. Nothing coming to me. I do try to talk to comedians a lot, but they’re like, “That’s my thing.” I don’t think it’s my thing. I have no desire to make a living out of that at all.

You’ve been doing standups longer than I’ve been alive, though. Do you still have that hunger for it, or is it like I have to be good to keep the spotlight for you?

Yes. I have my personal ambition. I have an urge to move forward. That drive is a huge part of it. It’s not a lack of desire; it’s a desire to be better than you are.

Have you always loved talking about a lot of weird concepts?

Yes. I was born a fan of weirdly different things. If I could talk about a car, I would be a car guy, or be more interested in trucks than cars. I like to talk about different dimensions, and I’ve always been fascinated by things that defy