Is executive producer higher than producer?

When the show was made, that is, when we were working on the show, we were working on the pilot. So there is that kind of separation.

So, you mean like when you’re writing it, “If I could just make some changes to what I’m doing, then everything would be more satisfying” ?
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It’s a lot of different factors. I think the way we talk about it is, if you have something as a small scale as the show or the movies then the bigger scale is not really on the mind as much. But as a larger project the bigger scale is always on your mind. And as such, what we try to do is not have the same problems we have with the small scale. Sometimes you come up with new things that you didn’t know existed for the show.

You don’t have to be afraid of that. When the show made it to air, you didn’t feel that the show was any good. But now people don’t care. They like it, and that allows us to work on it. [laughs]

So if the audience doesn’t know about a lot of the story lines, and it doesn’t fit into a narrative, or you just don’t know what you should do with it, what are you going to do ?

I think I just keep on writing as if it doesn’t exist as long as I can. Which, we didn’t have a story. I didn’t have any narrative. Everything that I was doing, I was doing in isolation for myself, because I just didn’t have that context to think about it in like. So I was always writing and trying to figure out something and trying to figure out what was going to happen and so forth.

The main thing I try and do, and I hope I have done it enough, to make sure I never forget it or have it be something I don’t like to think about in a big way until I don’t have to. You go into a project as the writer, and if I don’t think at all about the characters and about the story for like 2 years, we just kind of forgot about it. But if I don’t, then I do think about it a lot. I think what that does to your brain, and to your body, and even to your creative process. I do my best to think about these things as they arise. And I think that’s been helpful.

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