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Filmmaker is quite different from director. Filmmaker often comes along with other duties, such as editing, production planning, etc. The person who is a director will not be able to concentrate entirely on writing for the story. While film-makers should do their best to create content that fits into the movie concept, the story should not be their only concern.

Can you take a screenplay of a story and put it into video format?

Yes, this can be very useful. But the advantage is that the story will evolve with video.

Can you record a soundbite or video clip as your narration for the film?

Yes, this is also possible.

Can I record an interview from the set?

Of course.

Is it possible to record video of a feature and play it back for the audience before the film?

Yes, this is possible. It will only depend on how the editing of the live action is done. This has to be done by the director or the cinematographer before the film starts.

How can I get access to the film and other materials you’ve filmed?

This is by invitation only.

Does this open myself up to the idea of giving out the same information to thousands and thousands of others? (I.E. if I were to give out all my photos and videos for free, someone might use them for advertising or other nefarious purposes, etc.)

I understand that I am in a unique and dangerous position when sharing my work. I accept that. I would not recommend my work to any third party for free. But I also understand that not everybody will feel comfortable and willing to do this.

Can others take a shot at making an audio piece of the live action? Is there any way I can guarantee it will be the exact soundtrack?

This is a good question. I have heard the idea of using a voice recorder and a microphone for dialogue is one of my ideas that isn’t coming to fruition at this point. However, if someone wants to work on music or an audio or video track, we may be open to taking it.

I’m really interested in learning more about the background, the challenges, etc. of making documentaries. Please let me know if there’s anything else I’m missing or would like to know about.

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