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Not really. I want to make a career in this business. But I’m hoping that I can have a greater impact than my peers who just get to do these roles and get the money of it. Those things aren’t the reason for doing it. It’s just a paycheck. But I’m just trying to be like a mentor. So a day for me is just an opportunity. Like, how can someone not get a day off?

Have you met any of your stars?

[Laughs.] No. I haven’t had a chance to see who’s on set at all, because I do work on the movie. My assistant is just a little off, so it’s just working with the other actors and getting a look at them. A lot of those actors are friends of mine. We have like 8 or 9 actors, because you never really see all of them together [on screen]. For instance, you have people who you think are your friends, but you’re actually seeing them, which happens frequently. Those guys just don’t really have an outlet for that.

So it’s a one-night shoot. How does it work? Do you just meet them off the street?

Yeah, it happens pretty much the minute I walk in. And just to tell you the truth, it started off with one of the kids I was working with before we got the job. And then I ended up working with another kid just to kind of build this rapport and stuff. So it just kind of evolved.

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Does a lot of that come from the kids’ knowledge of what you’re doing and what you were doing on set?

Yeah, definitely. I mean, they’re so smart, so articulate, and they’re so funny. So I had a conversation with an actor who worked with me on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were like, ‘We’re working on a comedy, and we’re working on a comedy, and we’re going to work on some comedy.’ The actor’s like, ‘I’ve never seen this. I know who you are, but I don’t know this kind of stuff.’ And now I get to go to a restaurant and say, ‘You know, you really hit it on the head. But I’ve never seen that before.’ But then, yeah, it’s kind of like a real-life apprenticeship, like, who are you? What do you like doing? What’s different for you?

[Laughs.] Yes. But

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