Is filmmaking a good career?

Is it fun? Does it fulfill a desire to live in another place where the work has value beyond a personal profit? Does it bring you pleasure in a way that will help to inspire you for the rest of your life? Will it give you the satisfaction of being in a place that is both beautiful and real? The answer depends, not only on your vision of what film is, but on your personal and artistic goals. When is it good for you? If you are a filmmaker, the answer will always be yes. What is interesting now is to find out what is bad for you and then find your own answer to this question.

What to Do next: If you like what you are doing and want to keep going, keep reading; If you think you are ready to move on and decide that film is not for you, take a minute and make space in your life for something in film. If you are struggling with film, take a good look at your life, your life’s path, your life’s goals; If it’s really hard to get started, you may need to reexamine your values, your values and your goals as well; If you just need a break from film, you might consider trying new things — even just a day at the movies, say — just to let go of old habits and maybe learn something new; If you feel stuck in your craft, your career, your life, something might need to change — or reorient yourself. Remember: Your passion is no defense against change, no excuses you can give. It’s just the way you are.

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