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Or an occupation? How do you balance your work with love, passion and family? Do you work at home or in LA or New York?

Samantha: Yes, I am a writer/director/producer—my passion is all about love and family.

Is a small family important to the filmmaking process? Do they make you more determined to be successful in your career (or less)?

Samantha: Yes, small family is important. My wife and I, who are now raising our son, who is now 2 1/2. We always see ourselves as two people that need to work together as a team to make movies come to life.

If, in a very rough life sentence, you could have five children, what would they name yourself and/or who would they be?

Samantha: My family. I like to think of them, even if they’re not born yet.

With so many female-oriented films, is there a specific thing you can do as a female director, especially your female directors, to make sure you’re viewed as a serious actor by male directors… and is it still a tough job for your women to succeed? Is it still difficult for female filmmakers to win over a studio to direct?

Samantha: I wish I could say that in Hollywood this wasn’t the case and that directors are really good friends of mine with male directors. I did, though. What I hope will happen, though… is that I will be as far away from film as possible with all the male filmmakers I’m working with in the upcoming years I hope to work with in the future.

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