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Why choose what’s important to you over anything that’s easy to sell to a larger market? How does working on a feature film relate both to your skills as a writer and to your relationship with filmmaking?

My main goals are to be as close to the work as possible and to work with a diverse group of people to achieve that. I’ll say it like this, I have no particular attachment to the audience and can’t stand people who are afraid of talking about what they’re doing. You just need confidence and you’ll go with what you love and not have to worry about how people will perceive it.

I think I can offer the same for those of you who want to pursue filmmaking. If you feel you want to pursue filmmaking, I can help you understand what a great opportunity it can be. If you have all your ducks in a row I can give you all the tools to make a fantastic film with no experience. The only thing I don’t have is any kind of production degree because it would be too expensive to send you to filmSchool and get you experience as an amateur filmmaker. Also keep in mind that I am not a ‘salesperson’. So I can’t go and give you what you want. But I’m going to be a bridge between you and the people who love what you do.

How to find work if you aren’t a writer and can’t find a job as a cinematographer?

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There are 2 ways to find work: by writing for the blog, or you can ask around as well. But that’s the easy way.

Get a story idea. Write it down and get a couple sentences done. That’s about it. Now when you’re ready to send it out to people who have the experience and the right story. Emailing around to find some people who have a story that’s great.

Email is good only as a back and forth. Writing can take up more time than a writer can actually commit to writing. So be very upfront and be honest with your story.

If you have an idea for something that intrigues you and something that sounds interesting to do, then you probably got your story idea or at least something great. If you feel you have something even better, ask my brother Jon, our Senior Graphic Designer, who has been teaching people how to design logos and advertising. If you don’t know Jon, you should! If you can’t make someone go out and get someone who can, ask me.

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