Is filmmaking a hobby? – Introduction To Color In Digital Filmmaking Jobs

Do you own a camera? Do you shoot film? Are you involved in documentary film making?

I have never owned a camera. I can only talk to you about filmmaking because I’ve been producing and making movies myself for over 15 years. I shoot by means of lenses, a small tripod, a monopod-like thing, and sometimes film I’ll shoot in black and white. For a long while I did all of my work entirely inside my computer, but once I started looking into editing, I got to the point where I just had to shoot on film. I started with a few images I’d have the entire month but would never print. Some I bought from the record store, some I bought off people on Facebook and so forth. I made the most of what I had with the equipment I had. And, for the most part, I made the right choices. I’ve come to the end of my filming life with a good number of images and memories that I treasure. I’ve tried to take a lot of pride in my photography and have not abandoned it. In the same way I feel like I’m on a life-changing journey, there was a day where I was making a movie (though admittedly I’ll never be famous for making a movie again). That day is the one that changed everything for me. For me that’s where I feel like I have a right to share what I have been doing with the world. I’ve seen what kind of stories can be told through images and have been a part of something I could never have imagined. The more I thought about my future with that project, the more I realized that I could never forget the journey I took that day and that that journey was going to have an impact. So, over time I’ve tried to preserve as much of it as I could while also making sure that the story of it survives. What I hope to do with this blog I call The Art of Documentary.

So, yeah…that’s pretty much me.
Let Stanley Kubrick Tell You Why Life is Worth Living

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