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I think it’s a very good question.”

On being a young female in Hollywood:

“Well, the women in the industry tend to be slightly younger than the filmmakers. I think that goes for any industry, especially in this kind of a big business, but in the film industry especially, we tend to gravitate towards younger girls.

“I think it’s probably mostly because women tend to be less self-conscious about their looks, in general. For example, in the industry, many people would never think to say, ‘My child is cute, but he/she is not cute enough’, because they don’t think it will be a problem. Whereas you’re less likely to say, ‘My kid is tall, but he/she might be short for a 10 year old, so he needs to come down a bit.’

“In the industry, women tend to be more aware of what they do, what they do better, and they tend to be more self-confident. The older women (like me) tend to think about everything in terms of business, and the younger members tend to see it in terms of their own future or aspirations.

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“As women get more independent, more conscious of themselves and what they do, a lot of the men in the industry tend to look backwards in the history of the business.”

On working with directors:

“I worked with a number of great directors during the course of making this film. The first time we worked together was with David Fincher, who did Lost Highway with me on the film. That was an odd working relationship because while we’d work together on other films, in Lost Highway our ideas came from different places.

“When we first met, I was pretty intimidated by him. Like, you know, we were just making a movie together, and it’s such an exciting thing that people get to be part of that movie. It was just like, ‘Well, I’m in this movie and I’m making it’, but he had this amazing vision, and the next day we just had a really exciting meeting and we just started talking about all these weird things and you just kind of get to learn more about him as you work.”

On working in Hollywood:

“I didn’t feel that way in the beginning, because I felt like I was just doing other people’s jobs. I didn’t know they were there to give me their time and my talents, and be able

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