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Film studies (also called film and television production, or just films) are studied in film and television programs. There is a separate program for all graduate students enrolled in the film program, although this will not change beginning in fall 2020. The primary focus is on undergraduate film programs.

When is film studied?

All graduate students in film and television can begin studying film in the fall semester of their first year in the graduate school. Most programs are offered year-round.

What are the graduate studies programs at Ithaca?

Ithaca Film Studio is located in Campus Hall and provides a wide range of film studies curricula. Students can choose between 12 courses in film history, film analysis, film theory, film analysis, and/or film studio management. Students can also select a specialization, as well as choose to take graduate coursework in art, communication, and history. Ithaca’s film program has many other offerings which provide options for students, from art-based courses, to the coursework on the Ithaca campus that was created specifically to create an immersive and active filmmaking experience.
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You can also study other film programs at Ithaca, including the Ithaca Film Studio, the Ithaca Institute of the Arts, The Ithaca College of Music and Ensemble Studies. The Graduate Film School offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can also choose from courses, which are often on any number of subjects, as long as the course materials have been selected from films of the Ithaca Institute of the Arts; the Ithaca College of Music and Ensemble Studies are excellent film courses; and the graduate film students can pursue both Ithaca’s undergraduate film program and its graduate program, using the same curriculum, materials, and coursework.

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