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The typical film student studies four sections: a) film history & theories; b) film production; c) film production theory; d) story analysis.

A. History & theories of film history

The history of film production has developed over the years, and most students find themselves studying its history and theories. However, the theory of film production is often misunderstood. In essence, film production is based on the idea of the “mise-en-scene”. In other words, the entire production process involves the following steps:

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1) The director designs the set to reflect this theme, and designs the costumes, set design and lighting. In each aspect, this idea is used to create a consistent experience for the audience, and the director will usually include specific references along with this. It should be pointed out that this is quite different from the production of a musical score.

2) The director creates a character. This is accomplished through the use of props, set design and a few other elements. This character may be animated, voiced, portrayed by another actor, and so on.

3) The character is then placed on stage. This is done with sets, sets of sets, set design, lights, props, costumes… It is the director’s job to create a sense of a performance – which may be different for everyone in the scene – that makes the characters come to life.

4) The director cuts together the shots, and that’s how everyone gets lost in one big motion. The director creates the sequence.

5) The character is killed.

As stated, this is quite different from the production of a musical score. There is little to no visual evidence of when, where and how the scene was cut. That’s why the director is the main point of reference for the viewers, and why the production of film itself is so complex, as we will see.

B. Film production

This is a lot of material to process and learn, and is particularly difficult for a freshman in general. However, it is vitally important, especially if you like to film. Here is the list in one of my top 5 best courses, a film production course. Note that I used 4-5 as the starting point and worked my way from there.

1) Introduce Yourself to Film

This is definitely a big part of the course, as it is important to understand that the studio is there, as there often is a person

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