What do film students study? – Filmmaking Basics

The films in the program consist mainly of independent feature length projects, usually directed by professionals. Each student spends two weeks doing research on and analyzing the chosen projects. After class, the student works on a project during the next two or three days. This project usually includes a documentary, an interview film, a short film or a short story. For the film “My Name Is Dope”, it was a short film (3.5 minutes) directed by a student.

When do students attend classes?

The main goal of the program is to help you develop your career as an independent filmmaker. At first, it will often be difficult to make a living from a freelance work since the majority of filmmakers are in their mid-30s and are not employed.

Students who attend The Filmmaking Program are encouraged to take advantage of the free workshops that are provided. They generally have the opportunity to learn the industry and create successful films. There are two main workshops, one for the students on film making, one for the students on production in film; the two workshops have different levels of training and focus on different aspects of being a freelance filmmaker. At each level, a student will learn how to create an independent film and how to promote their work on social media. Additionally, some students in the program participate in an “associate” workshop. It is a combination of the two workshops, with a couple of new workshops added in the second year.

How much does the program cost?

Students attending the program receive $600 per year. This does not include an annual scholarship or the cost of attendance in any of the workshops. All of these fees may be waived, but these costs do not apply to the “associate” or “part-time” workshops.

Why are students encouraged to participate in the program?

The Filmmaking Program is an educational program that is available to anyone, so those who are willing to invest time and time in learning can pursue their dreams in film.

Where can I obtain information?

Click here to contact The Filmmaking Program for more information about the program and any other assistance, including the opportunity to sign up for one of the workshops

What is the difference between an “associate” and a “part-time” workshop?

A “associate” workshop is for students who have completed the “associate” program and who are not interested in completing a full-time workshop. A “part-time

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