What do film students study? – Filmmaking Techniques

While film history is a broad topic, it’s generally taught as an introductory material in the arts department. The class can be taught as a one-semester sequence, or the sequence can be more like a multi-semester interdisciplinary curriculum.

What’s the typical sequence?

Most students take at least one course (3-10 hours) related to film history. A few take courses in film, film theory, social science, psychology, or history. One-semester film history students may take course in film production as well.

Who does one-semester Film History students study?

Generally students take classes with faculty members with an interest in film, such as film and visual arts and film theory. Students also have students who are interested in film history but are not in the majors, or a class focusing mainly on film history but without an emphasis on the majors. Students who are interested in the history of film would fit well in any of these courses. These students study the general history of film production in the 20th century. They may also take introductory courses or a course in contemporary film studies or a course in production design or design.

How long does one-semester Film History last?

Although Film History students may take a class in Film History every semester, they normally begin and end the course with only one or the other, depending on their schedule. For example, some students may study Film History in two courses. These students study film history for a course in which they focus on film history, or they focus on Film History for a course in which they focus on history design, production design, or studio design.

Who can take one-semester Film History?

Anyone can take part in one-semester Film History. However, you may only take part in the sequence if you are enrolled in film history classes with a professor (or two or more courses in film history). Students should plan carefully, so that they are aware of the curriculum, course topics, and the length of the sequence.

Can students take all three Film Studies courses?

Yes, one-semester Film History students can pursue three or more Film Studies options. However, you must be enrolled in one Film Studies course each semester.

How much research can one Film History student do in a Film Studies project?

The course provides coursework on a variety of topics, including:

the history of

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