What does a filmmaker? – Filmmaking Books For Kids

A good filmmaker has no problems talking directly to a audience; they just won’t say it.

A great filmmaker? The opposite – they can talk to an audience, but only if it is a good reason to do so.

If you’re going to be doing an interview, use the audience to build your case. Ask your question, make them think about it, ask them whether they would feel the same if the interviewer actually spoke to them. After they get an answer, ask “are you feeling that, or can you make me feel that?” then turn the conversation and ask them their thoughts about a topic they’ve never thought about before.

For example, my interviewer asked about my current film, The Last Girl. I was really excited to announce The Last Girl as my first feature, because I had always wanted to tackle the theme of women dealing with sexual harassment, but it would have meant talking about it with a group that would only be composed of men. But I knew it would be an interview that would really help me expand the subject matter. Therefore, I just sat down and began explaining to her the reasons why she shouldn’t be surprised if she was a victim of sexual harassment. She listened and then asked if there was anything else she could do to help reduce the frequency of unwanted behaviour. It was not to long before she got really uncomfortable because she was so overwhelmed by hearing a female story. She then asked whether there would ever be any change, and I answered that no. It’s so amazing to know you can make a change, but also be overwhelmed by its magnitude.

If you are a filmmaker, don’t worry as much about your image as you should. A good film will tell your story and help you see the world in a new way. You can’t make a great film if you are not living your life at all.

6. Do not ask someone to go to an interview for you

It’s a terrible feeling to have to go through the process of having someone interview you. It’s terrible to have to tell someone you can’t take more time because you have to meet them after their interview, then they ask you to be on an airplane. It’s terrible to have to hear your ideas rejected because you just did not do enough research. It’s even worse when the process involves sitting in your hotel room waiting for your phone to ring.

And you don’t want someone telling you that you need the money. Do not spend money on these interviews.

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