What does a filmmaker?

There’s a man called Robert Flaherty. I met him, he was the guy who was in the beginning. I was in the beginning, in the film business. He is now the guy who got me started, and who has been really generous to me and to the world. And I will always say that he is the man who helped save the world.”

While Mr. Dolan continued to play in the Big Apple, he moved to a trailer city on Long Island to live with his brother, an art collector, the director said. He met his wife in another trailer, where their three children had taken refuge after Hurricane Sandy. He said she gave him a good luck smile: “She said, ‘There’s a man with a camera following you around.'”

Mr. Dolan spoke of his work in interviews, but never mentioned the N.A.A.C.P., and he also talked about how well he had performed, saying: “I worked my tail off. It’s a pity I didn’t make it any greater.”

Mr. Dolan’s wife, Sandra, who is a senior vice president at C.E.O. of C.V.E. Insurance, said that in 2008 she gave him a gift that would set an example for his children: a gold medal signed by all the athletes in Rio and the U.S. Olympic committee. “He would get on the plane, in a bad hurry, and give me the medal and say, ‘I want you to give it to everybody,’ ” she said.

The medal arrived two weeks before the opening ceremony, and the first person to receive it was Michael Phelps. Mr. Dolan was the one to show him a photo of the medal, he said. He had planned to give it to Mr. Phelps, and then he gave it to the athletes anyway. “It was a mistake,” he said.

As you know, I’m a longtime Android enthusiast and I haven’t posted a post about ICS on here for years. But I always felt that HTC’s version of ICS was a bit different from the rest. It was a real “wow” moment when I had a chance to use it. I’m not a fan of all the bloat and junk that comes with ICS but I like to think of it as a decent upgrade from Gingerbread but not a complete replacement. My primary problem is that HTC’s UI feels a bit clunky and slow but on a recent test,