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We’re an experienced team of filmmakers who are creating a series of animated, short, and interactive videos to demonstrate the best of the best of everything: filmmaking, animation, video-game, and even video game characters and stories.

So far, we’ve created 3 video content shorts (for Cartoon Network, Disney, Sony, and Sony Playstation), a short film (for Cartoon Network, Disney, Fox, and Sony Playstation), an interactive video game (for Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Windows), and a book (for Sony Playstation and Amazon Kindle).

Are we self-funding?

We are self-funding this project because we believe it’s the only way that we can keep the project going! If we ever reach certain financial milestones we may use funds from this campaign as a part of our IndieGoGo campaign, but if we don’t make any progress on this project our Kickstarter rewards will be delivered, and they would help us cover the costs of production and distribution of our video series.

We have also been working side-by-side with many talented freelance animation and video-game professionals to create content and concepts based on our unique style of animation. If you are curious about their work and see anything you like, please don’t hesitate to contact them. We are very proud to be working with such amazing professionals!

We understand that Kickstarter campaigns have a lot of risk associated with them, but please take what is given to you with a grain of salt; even the best funded projects can take a while to create.

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Welcome to the New York Times! How do you like them apples?

I am pleased to report that New York Times readers had a pleasant day on Facebook yesterday. As of this writing, the NY Times appears to be the world’s best rated website, with its site traffic ranking at No.2. This is due primarily to the massive response to a story from this morning, which features New York Times founder Ira Glass talking about the future of media.

It’s true that most articles published by The New York Times are a mixed bag. In general, the Times’ “progressive” bias is pretty minimal. And while the Times remains a big business, its financial news coverage still pales compared to, say ABC News or CNN. But the Times had more than its fair share of thoughtful articles yesterday. The New York Times did the right thing in publishing an op ed from an international feminist scholar calling for a rethink of the concept of “white privilege.” Here

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