What is filmmaking course?

Film course is a course that teaches students how to write a script that meets the minimum requirements to be considered for feature film distribution. The courses are taught by experts who have studied and seen production, feature, and documentary scripts. In the course, students write, research and prepare for a test that evaluates their script based on the materials received. Then film professionals in the industry use the tools and techniques taught in the course to promote their films with a variety of methods, including: promotional films, awards shows, conferences and trade show presentations.

The course is based on an open model that is open to anybody interested in pursuing a career in filmmaking, from the amateur to the professional. There are no specific requirements to be accepted as a student as long as you have an interest in being a filmmaker; any individual, regardless of level of development, can be an active member of the professional.

A man has been arrested in Northern Ireland where three women were found to ‘have been using the internet to meet up in the privacy of their own homes’.

The three ladies lived together in the Republic of Ireland and used the internet to discuss sexual matters. Police are ‘convinced’ the woman, a British national, is a ‘sexual predator’.
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Officers arrested a man aged 21 in Galway city, who is suspected of ‘having an inappropriate interest in the online correspondence of women’. The same man, who is also a British national, has been taken into custody in Londonderry and also ‘will face a criminal complaint’ for sexual activity with a person aged under 18.

The three women were known to each other, and used the internet to discuss sexual matters. Police are ‘convinced’ the man is a sexual predator, Belfast Live reports. They are also ‘convinced’ that he has “a long-term sexual interest in women”.

Police believe the man is interested in the communication of women online “because of an interest in pornography, or in the sexual exploitation of persons.” It means the woman is a ‘sexual predator’ and should be “asked why she was communicating with this individual on an intimate scale,” the complaint states.

Police believe that he is interested in women because he is interested in “sexual penetration of women with other males,” as well as a male victim of abuse. However, police are “convinced that he is an inappropriate person to communicate with” and should be “asked why a member of public is having this level of interaction.